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Salary certificate

You need to attach a salary certificate and sometimes also a pay slip to your application for earnings-related daily allowance. From the salary certificate we get information on the salaries you have earned and other details related to the employment from a longer period. Pay slip is a receipt for the period for which salary was paid.

Salary certificate

Earnings-related daily allowance is calculated from the income preceding the unemployment. We will get the information on that income from the salary certificate. Your salary certificate should cover at least the period that fulfils the condition regarding employment i.e. the preceding 26 weeks. It does not matter if it covers a longer period.

The salary certificate also includes information on e.g. earning periods, payments by result, salaries for periods of notice, holiday bonuses and holiday compensations. We need that information when we calculate the amount of your earnings-related daily allowance and evaluate your right to receive a benefit.

You will get the salary certificate from your employer. Payroll clerks often have the necessary forms, but you can also use the templates found on our website.

We will take the national Incomes Register into use as of the beginning of 2020. In the future, the salary details will be provided through the Incomes Register, and we will no longer need a separate salary certificate. However, we will not necessarily get all the information we need from the Incomes Register. As a general rule, your notification on the missing information will be enough for us. Our online service OmaYTK will guide and advise regarding the matter.

Pay slip

Pay slip is a receipt for a salary period. According to the law, on payment of the salary the employer shall give the employee a calculation showing the amount of the salary and the grounds for its determination.

Pay slip does not usually include all the details that are included in the salary certificate, so we rarely use the pay slip for calculating the amount of the earnings-related daily allowance. Instead, we need the pay slip when you apply for daily allowance and have income from part-time employment. The income from part-time employment affects the amount of daily allowance and the pay slip provides us with sufficient information.

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