Payment of a daily allowance before a decision

According to the Unemployment Security Act, we can pay earnings-related daily allowance in advance before a decision. This does not mean that we can pay in advance. The daily allowance is always paid for a past period. The advance means that, in exceptional circumstances, we can pay before a decision is made.

According to the Unemployment Security Act, we can pay unemployment benefit as an advance to a person who is entitled to unemployment benefit before making the decision, based on their application.

At the most, advance payments can be made for two months. An emergency law was passed for the duration of the corona epidemic. This law extends the period to six months. We apply this six-month period when we pay earnings-related daily allowance for an application period beginning at the latest on 30 June 2021.

We will deduct the advance amount we paid from the subsequent unemployment benefit when we pay the benefit.

Normally, the amount of the advance is the same as the corresponding basic unemployment allowance, EUR 33,78.

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