Increasing the exempt amount

When you receive income from part-time work, full-time work lasting less than two weeks or from working part-time as an entrepreneur, we take into account your income when determining the amount of earnings-related daily allowance we pay you. As a rule, income will reduce the earnings-related daily allowance. If the income is small, it will not affect the amount of your earnings-related daily allowance at all. This exempt amount has now been increased temporarily because of the corona epidemic.

Entry into force HE78/2020

  • Issued to Parliament on 20 May 2020
  • Approved after amendments by Parliament on 2 June 2020
  • Signed by the President on 11 June 2020

The President has confirmed a Government proposal approved by Parliament (HE78/2020) that proposes temporarily increasing the exempt amount of unemployment benefit from the current EUR 300 to EUR 500 per month and from EUR 279 to EUR 465 over four calendar weeks.

These changes are intended to provide financial support when people accept part-time and short-term work, for example in seasonal work on agricultural and horticultural farms. The temporary exception to the exempt amount will also apply to those working part-time before the amendment to the law. The increase of the exempt amount will also apply to the adjustment of income of entrepreneurs.

The increased exempt amount will apply from the application period beginning on or before 1 June, but no later than on 30 June 2021.

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