Transition security

Transition security is intended to support the employment of individuals over the age of 55. Transition security includes a transition security allowance as well as transition security training. The Labour Market Authority will advise you on transition security in general and we will advise you on how to apply for a security grant.

Transition security

  • The transition security allowance is paid by the unemployment fund or Kela. Transition security training is procured and organised by the TE Office. 
  • You can apply for the transition security allowance from the unemployment fund of which you were a member on the day of your dismissal. If you are not a member of an unemployment fund, you should apply for the transition security allowance from Kela.
  • The transition security allowance corresponds to the dismissed employee’s one-month salary. Conversely, transition security training corresponds to two months’ salary at maximum.​​​​​​

Conditions for the transition security allowance

General conditions for the transition security allowance and training are:

  • Your employment has been terminated on or after 01/01/2023;
  • You have reached the age of 55 no later than on the date of termination;
  • The employment relationship must have ended with dismissal for production and economic reasons.
  • Your employment relationship has lasted for a minimum of five years without interruption for up to 30 days in total;
  • You have registered as a jobseeker within 60 days of the date of termination.

Applying for the transition security allowance

  • Register as a jobseeker on Job Market Finland. It is advisable to register as soon as you are informed of the termination. However, be sure to register no later than 60 days from the date of termination.
  • The Employment Service procures transition security training, so in matters related to training, please contact the TE Office or municipality directly. 
  • The employment authority will also find out the conditions for the payment of the transition security allowance and provide us with a statement on fulfilment of the conditions, so please respond carefully to the clarifications requested. 
  • Apply for a transition security allowance from us no later than three months after the end of the employment relationship. The application can also be submitted before the end of the notice period. If you are not our member, please apply for the transition security allowance from your own unemployment fund, or Kela if you are not a member of any unemployment fund.
  • You can download the application in OmaYTK or on our website.
  • Complete the application form and submit it via OmaYTK.
  • You can receive a transition security allowance even if you find a new job immediately after the notice period.