Before we can pay you earnings-related daily allowance, we need a statement from the TE Office stating that there are no obstacles to the payment in terms of labour policy.

Once the TE Office has reviewed your situation, it will give us a labour policy statement. The statement is sent to us electronically, so remember to tell the TE Office that you are a member of YTK. That way, they will send the statement to the right place.

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Sometimes you may be unhappy with a TE Office statement. If you have more information regarding your case, you should submit it immediately to the TE Office, so that they can make the required corrections.

Sometimes they cannot make the corrections to the statement that you ask for. Because you cannot appeal directly against the statement, you should first apply for daily allowance from us. We will give a decision, and  you can appeal against it. Because our decision is based on the labour policy statement issued by  the TE Office, the Unemployment Security Appeal Board will also review the decision in terms of the labour policy statement.

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