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Labour policy

Labour policy is an area of societal steering. The selected labour policy comprises the collection of means for promoting employment, mobility of labour, and the development of expertise.

Labour policy also involves some of the limitations by which it is determined at whom and on what terms the selected means are targeted. Those are labour policy preconditions. Their realisation is examined, so that the selected policy would be realised as intended.

In practice

In practice it means that the TE Office will determine whether you are unemployed, is your job-seeking valid, have you caused your unemployment by yourself, and to what extent studying or entrepreneurship prevent you from seeking a full-time job.

If you have acted in a reproachable manner in terms of labour policy, the TE Office can set a time limit before which you will not receive any benefit. We cannot pay you daily allowance for such a period determined by the TE Office, even if other preconditions were met.

Once the TE Office has reviewed your situation, it will give a labour policy statement.

did you know?

When the TE Office examines the labour policy factors, the official at the TE Office may request a written report from you. Remember to answer those requests on time and with care. Failure to respond may result in loss of entitlement to daily allowance at least for a fixed period.

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