​​​​​​​How do I apply for daily allowance when I participate in TE services?

When you participate in services organised by the TE Office, mention it in your application for earnings-related daily allowance. The TE Office will also send this information to us, but it may arrive much later.

Employment-promoting services

Employment-promoting services refer to career coaching or labour market training organised or commissioned by the TE Office, job-seeker’s independent studying with support of unemployment benefit, work try-outs, independent studying to promote integration, and rehabilitating employment activities.

Applying for earnings-related daily allowance

When you participate in the above-mentioned services, the TE Office issues a statement and also sends it to us. So you do not need to send the statement of the TE Office to us. Just mention in your application that you have participated in the services. When you use the OmaYTK service, it will guide you in filling out the application.

Compensation for expenses and increased earnings-related daily allowance

When you participate in TE services, you may be entitled to compensation for expenses or increased earnings-related daily allowance. You need not apply for them separately. We will check your right to receive them without a separate application.

Positive exceptions

When you participate in employment-promoting services, you may receive daily allowance, even if you would otherwise not be eligible for the allowance because of a suspension period or a waiting period. If you fail to apply for a place to study in the joint application procedure, you can still receive daily allowance when you participate in the training.

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