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When can I study and receive earnings-related daily allowance?

You can use earnings-related daily allowance for studies in a couple of different situations. If your studies are considered to be part-time, they will not prevent the payment of daily allowance. You can also participate in labour policy training provided by the TE Office or seek support for independent studies.

Part-time student

If the TE Office considers that you are not studying full-time, you can get a statement on the part-time nature of your studies. In that case the studies will not prevent the payment of daily allowance.

Even extensive studying is not necessarily full-time by nature if it can be considered, on the basis of regular working or entrepreneurial activities during the studies, that studying is not an obstacle to taking on a full-time job.

Labour policy training

Labour policy training is an employment promoting service during which we can pay you daily allowance and compensation for expenses. The amount of compensation for expenses is normally 9 € per day. We can pay increased compensation for expenses at 18 €, for example, if you participate in labour policy training outside your working area.

You can look for labour policy training suited to you in the supply of the TE Office. From the TE Office service you can subscribe a notification on new trainings directly to your e-mail. Through the service you can also apply for trainings that interest you.

The TE Office decides on selecting the students to training. A precondition for the selection is that you have a training need verified by the TE Office. So you should discuss your training wishes at the TE Office already beforehand.

If you are selected to labour policy training, you need to participate in the training regularly and progress in your studies in the way referred to in the training or study plan. If you do not make progress in your studies, the TE Office may decide on interrupting the training.

did you know?

When you participate in employment promoting service, you may receive daily allowance even if the payment would otherwise be prevented by a time limit or deductible period. Neglecting the obligation to apply in joint application will not prevent the payment of daily allowance during your participation in the training.

Independent studying

If the supply of the TE Office does not include suitable labour policy training, you can apply for earnings-related daily allowance to support independent studying. If the TE Office considers that independent studying is the most appropriate way to improve your professional skills and opportunities to get or keep a job, we can pay a daily allowance despite full-time studying.

To receive support for independent studying it is required that you have agreed on the matter with the TE Office before starting the studies and that the studies are full-time by nature.

Studying can be supported for two years. If you interrupt your studies, inform the TE Office about it immediately.

A precondition for continuing the support is that you progress in your studies sufficiently and in accordance with the study plan. The TE Office will monitor your progress. If you do not make enough progress or do not inform about your progress as agreed, the support for studying will end from the date on which the studies cannot be considered to have progressed sufficiently. That may result in claim for recovery of the daily allowances already paid. So remember to inform the TE Office immediately if the progress of your studies threatens to slow down.

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