The payment of daily allowance in incorrect amounts may be due to many different reasons. The most common reason for a recovery claim is that a pension has been granted to an applicant retroactively, which reduces the daily allowance or prevents its payment completely. It is also common that the TE Office retroactively issues a labour policy statement on an obstacle. In those cases, everything was correct at the time the daily allowance was paid, but the retroactive pension or statement invalidates the already paid daily allowance.

It is also quite common that salary income, social benefits or, e.g., holiday pay received during a lay-off period have not been reported to us. A decision made based on false or incomplete information may lead to overpayment or unfounded daily allowance.


To avoid a claim for recovery, you should include in your application all periods of work, sick days, holidays, changes in social benefits, and any other factors that may affect your right to a daily allowance.

If you are uncertain whether a change will affect your daily allowance, mention it in your application. You can also contact us and we can evaluate the situation together. Lack of awareness about the provisions of the law is not a sufficient reason for waiving the claim for recovery.

It is also possible that we make an error when issuing a decision. The sums may be mistyped or we may fail to notice a document that would have affected the amount of the daily allowance. According to the law, an excessive payment due to our error shall also be reclaimed.

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