What happens when an error in payment is noticed?

When we notice that we have paid the daily allowance incorrectly, we will look into it and start the claim for recovery.

When we notice an incorrect payment, we will check the decisions concerning the matter and send you a letter of hearing in which we describe the situation, and you will have a chance to tell us your view on the case. In conjunction with the hearing, we also aim to determine your financial and social standing. Based on that information, we can estimate whether we can adjust or waive the claim for recovery. If necessary, in conjunction with the hearing, we will also ask for your consent for correcting the incorrect decisions.

When we receive your reply, we will process the case again and you will get new, revised decisions and a decision on the claim for recovery. At the same time, you will receive account transfer forms for returning the excess payment to us.

If you think that the decision on claim for recovery is incorrect or you do not accept the sum to be reclaimed, you can file a petition for appeal. We will interrupt the claim for recovery for the duration of the petition for appeal.

Sometimes we may have a reason to suspect that you have acted fraudulently in applying for daily allowance and have thus caused the recovery claim. In such cases, we will request a statement from you on the suspected fraudulent conduct in conjunction with the hearing. Fraudulence in applying for a benefit may result in admonition, warning or even termination of membership in the unemployment fund.

If the fraudulent conduct is repeated or not minor in nature, we are obliged to file a request for investigation to the police. The police will then investigate whether it is a criminal case that will be forwarded to a public prosecutor.

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