We can waive a claim for recovery in full or partially if it is a fair solution. Adjustment always requires that the claim for recovery is not due to the applicant’s fraudulent conduct. So if you have intentionally given us false information or neglected to give some information, we cannot adjust the claim for recovery.

A decision on waiver is based on the report on your financial and social standing. For that we need you to provide us a reliable account of all your income and expenses. If you are, for example, ill or there are other such factors in your life that affect your ability to pay back the daily allowance, you should send a reliable description of them to us.

In considering waiver, the overall situation will be evaluated. Hence, a temporary lack of means or momentary indebtedness do not constitute exclusive grounds for waiver. Furthermore, an error of the authorities does not automatically mean that the claim for recovery will be adjusted or waived. The aforementioned factors will, however, be taken into account. If other factors also speak for waiving the claim for recovery in full or partially, the claim for recovery can be adjusted.

In any case, you can contact us and propose a schedule for repayment that suits you. The whole sum need not be paid all at one time, but you can arrange an instalment plan with us.

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