When can I apply for adjusted daily allowance?

You can combine unemployment benefit and work. When you get paid for part-time work, temporary work or part-time work as an entrepreneur, you can also apply for unemployment benefit.

We will adjust your income and unemployment benefit. This means that the amount of your unemployment benefit will change in relation to your salary. The idea is that working is always financially better than full-time unemployment.

You can apply for adjusted daily allowance in the following situations:

  • You get paid for part-time work
  • You get paid for a full-time job lasting less than two weeks
  • Your working hours have been shortened because of a lay-off
  • You get an income for working as an entrepreneur

Before we can pay you adjusted daily allowance, we will check that you fulfil the general preconditions and that there are no obstacles in the same way as we do with full daily allowance.

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