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Protection for income is the amount you can earn without it affecting your earnings-related daily allowance. The amount of protection depends on the adjustment period applied, i.e. the period for which you apply for adjusted daily allowance. If the adjustment period is one month, the amount of protection is 300 €. If the adjustment period is a period of four consecutive calendar weeks, the amount of protection is 279 €.

The income you receive will not affect the amount of earnings-related daily allowance until the amount of protection is exceeded. So you can work a little without it affecting the amount of your earnings-related daily allowance. In this case the application can be processed without the pay slip. When you get the pay slip, remember to send it to us anyway, because we are obliged to follow the fulfilment of your condition regarding working.

exception 1

There is an exception for when the protection is not taken into account. When calculating the maximum amount of adjusted daily allowance, we will take the income into account in full without deducting the protection.

When we pay you adjusted daily allowance, there is a certain maximum amount for the daily allowance. We will calculate the maximum amount by comparing your income to the base salary from which your earnings-related daily allowance has been calculated. If the income is equal to or higher than your base salary, no adjusted daily allowance will be paid. The comparison will be made without deducting the protection. Otherwise it might lead to a situation in which part-time working would be more profitable than full-time work!

Exception 2

When you are on alternation leave and work part-time, protection for income shall not be taken into account in adjusting alternation compensation and income. This exception is recoded in the Act on Job Alternation Leave.

This can happen, too

If we have to shorten your usual adjustment period, a special adjustment period will be applied. We will then convert your income to match the monthly income. It may seem to you that the actual salary is below the protection, but the daily allowance is nevertheless adjusted, i.e. the earned income reduces the daily allowance to be paid. That is because the calculated income may exceed the protection even if your actual salary were below it.

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