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What is an exempt amount?

Exempt amount is the amount you can earn without it affecting your earnings-related daily allowance.

​​​​​​​The exempt amount depends on the adjustment period that applies to you, that is the period for which you apply for an adjusted daily allowance. If the adjustment period is one month, the exempt amount is EUR 300. If the adjustment period is a period of four consecutive calendar weeks, the exempt amount is EUR 279.

Exempt amount increased temporarily

Due to the corona epidemic, the exempt has been temporarily increased from 1 June 2020 to 30 Septerber 2021

You can earn the exempt amount before your earnings affect the amount of earnings-related daily allowance. In other words, you can work a little without it affecting the amount of your earnings-related daily allowance. However, even if your income is below the exempt amount, remember to report it to us anyway. We need that information becuse we must monitor how you fulfil the working condition.

exception 1

There is an exception to when we take the exempt amount into account. When we calculate the maximum amount of the adjusted daily allowance, we will take your income into account in full, without deducting the exempt amount.

A maximum amount has been set for the daily allowance when we pay you the adjusted daily allowance. We will calculate the maximum amount by comparing your income to the salary that was used to calculate  your earnings-related daily allowance. If the income is the same or more than your  salary, we will pay no adjusted daily allowance. We make this comparison  without deducting the exempt amount. Otherwise it might lead to a situation where it was  more profitable to work part-time than full-time.

Exception 2

When you are on job alternation leave and work part-time, we will not take into account the exempt amount when we adjust the job alternation compensation and income. This exception is set in the Act on Job Alternation Leave.

Here’s something else that can happen

If we have to make  your usual adjustment period shorter, we will apply a specific adjustment period. We will then convert your income to match the calculated monthly income. You may think that your actual salary is smaller than the exempt amount but we will still adjust your  daily allowance. This means that the income you earned will reduce  the daily allowance you receive. This is because the calculated income may exceed the exempt amount even if your actual salary is smaller than it.

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