What income is taken into account in the adjustment?

The amount of your adjusted daily allowance depends on the income that you receive when you are unemployed. In adjustment, we take into account the income you earn from working.

Types of income earned from working that we take into account in the adjustment process:

  • The basic salary you are paid for your work and any extras and compensations added to you basic salary, such as evening pay, overtime pay, standby and on-duty compensation, and fringe benefits or staff benefits subject to tax

  • Holiday bonuses and holiday compensation

  • Holiday pay based on part-time work

  • Pay for the notice period if  the person’s application for unemployment benefit is not rejected because of their right to receive pay for the notice period

  • Performance-based pay, such as commission, bonus and share of profits

  • Insurance premium paid for endowment insurance by the employer

  • Insurance premium for an individual voluntary pension insurance paid by the employer, for the part that it is subject to tax

  • Grants and scholarships paid by the employer, for the part subject to tax

  • Compensation based on immaterial rights, such as royalty, compensation for use, copyright compensation, and compensation for an employee invention

  • Reward paid for shop steward or occupational safety delegate duties, and reward paid for cooperation in accordance with the Act on Cooperation within Undertakings

  • Reward equivalent to salary

  • Salary paid as pay security for the part that would be adjusted earned income if paid by the employer

  • Service charge

  • Income earned from working as an entrepreneur, excluding net income from silviculture calculated according to the Act on the Taxation of Farm Income

  • Earned income part of dividend income

  • Earned income part of hidden dividend

  • Monetary compensation withdrawn from a working hours bank

  • Other earned income equivalent to the above.

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