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I wonder if you have miscalculated my salary?

When you apply for adjusted daily allowance, you may receive a decision based on which your salary would appear to be bigger than it actually was. Such a decision may understandably seem faulty. Often it is due to a special adjustment period, and the decision has been calculated correctly.

Special adjustment period

If your adjustment period includes days for which you are entitled either to full daily allowance or no daily allowance at all, they will shorten your adjustment period. That will result in a so-called special adjustment period.

According to the law, a special adjustment period requires that the income paid during the period shall be converted to correspond to the calculated monthly income.

This is how it is done

First we divide the salary by the number of calculated working days included in the adjustment period. The result is multiplied by 21,5.

Let’s look at a special adjustment period with five calculated working days. The salary of 300 euros paid for the period is converted as follows:

  1. 300 € / 5 = 60 €
  2. 60 € x 21,5 = 1290 €
  3. 1290 €

So € 300 earned during five calculated working days corresponds to € 1 290 earned in a month.

So the earned income mentioned in the decision is not the salary that was actually paid to you, but the calculated monthly income.

The reducing effect allocated to the daily allowance is not, however, bigger than the effect of actual income. The conversion is only made when we have to shorten your usual adjustment period. Then the adjustment is only allocated to days for which adjusted daily allowance is paid. For the other days of the application period you will receive no daily allowance or a full daily allowance depending on your situation.

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