How do I know whether my entrepreneurial activities are part-time by nature?

If you work as an entrepreneur part-time, you can apply for earnings-related daily allowance to support yourself. You are considered working as a part-time entrepreneur if your work will not stop you from taking on a full-time job.

The TE Office will decide whether they consider you to be a part-time entrepreneur by estimating the amount of work your business required you to do. They will not consider working as an entrepreneur to be part-time because of  lack of income alone. When you inform the TE Office about working as an entrepreneur, they will ask you to provide a description of your business activities. The TE Office will make the decision based on your description, so you should prepare it carefully.

You can also apply for earnings-related daily allowance to support yourself, if you are working as an entrepreneur for less than two weeks. In case of such a short period, the TE Office will not investigate the employing effect of your business activities. However, if you work as an entrepreneur for more than two weeks, the TE Office will assess whether you are considered to work full-time or part-time from the time you started your business activities.

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