How do I apply for adjusted daily allowance?

If you get paid for part-time work, you can apply for adjusted daily allowance. When you start working part-time, you can continue to apply for daily allowance and keep the same application period. If required, we will ask you to modify your application. The goal is to keep the same application period and pay period. This way, will be able to monitor the accumulation of your working condition in the future, and applying for the daily allowance is easier for you.

First make sure that you are a job-seeker at the TE Office. Inform the TE Office about your part-time work and entrepreneurial activities. The easiest way to do that is through their online service. Then fill in the application in our online service OmaYTK. If you are applying for daily allowance for the first time, do not send the application until two weeks from starting the work. If you are already receiving daily allowance, continue to apply for it as before. We request you to continue your application if necessary. The goal is that the application period and the salary period are the same.

Remember to send your application within three months from the date from which you want to be paid a  daily allowance. There is no need to  wait to find the necessary attachments;  you can submit them later. The most important thing is that we receive your application within three months – we cannot pay the daily allowance retroactively if that time limit expires.

Report the hours you have worked in your application. When you get paid for  part-time work, let us know. Please attach the pay slip to your application.

If you work part-time as an entrepreneur, you do not need to report your working hours. Just attach a copy of your company’s  confirmed taxation to your application. If you have just started working as an entrepreneur or there have been essential changes in your business activities after the latest confirmed taxation, you should provide another explanation of your company’s income rather than the tax decision.

If you work through an invoicing company, you do not need to report your working hours. Just send us your salary calculation.


You work part-time in April and apply for daily allowance. Your salary is not paid until May.

Report your working hours for April in your application. We need the information for monitoring your working condition. Send your application. As no salary is paid in April, we do not need your salary details at this point.

In June, when you submit your application for May, attach your payslip. We need it to  calculate the effect of your salary on your daily allowance.


When you apply for adjusted daily allowance for the first time, you need to append your employment contract to your application. The employment contract includes information on what your salary is based and what your working hours are. We need this information for processing your application.

In order to calculate the amount of your adjusted daily allowance we also need your pay slip. Attach your pay slip to your application when you get paid during the application period.

When you get paid, your employer must give you a pay slip. Because you apply for the daily allowance retroactively, you should always have a pay slip for the salary paid during the application period when you submit your application.

If your pay slip does not show your working hours, we will ask you to provide a separate specification of your weekly working hours.

The easiest way to send the attachments to us is using the OmaYTK service.

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