How do I log in to the OmaYTK service?

Since 2018, we have used identification for logging in to OmaYTK. This means that you cannot log in using your old member ID and password.
If you have problems with identification, please contact the provider of the identification service, e.g., your bank or mobile phone operator.

Ways to log in

  • Personal online banking codes: The online banking code is your identity card on the internet. You get your personal online banking codes from your bank if you have a Finnish personal identity code. Remember that if you and your spouse have a joint bank account, the online banking codes are only given to one account holder.

    If you have online banking codes, choose your bank on the login screen and follow the instructions there.
  • Mobile ID: Mobile ID is a mobile identity certificate offered by Finnish mobile phone operators. Mobile ID is the electronic identity on the SIM card of a mobile phone.

    Mobile identification works with all mobile phones. Initial identification is required for using the Mobile ID. You can do this either online using online banking codes or in the mobile phone operator’s shop with an official identity card (not a driving licence). You can find more information about getting and activating a Mobile ID on the website of your mobile phone operator.

    You must pay to use mobile identification. When you use Mobile ID on your mobile phone, your mobile phone operator charges you for the identification according to their own pricelist.

    If you have a Mobile ID, you can choose Mobile ID as the method of identification in the login screen. The service will then ask for your telephone number and a possible security code. Follow the instructions given in this service.
  • Certificate card: Certificate card refers to an identity card issued by the police, an organisation card (smart card) issued by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV) or a regulated social welfare and healthcare professional’s ID card (Professional ID) issued by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV).

    ​​​​​​​If you wish to use the Certificate card for identification, you must be able to use a card reader and software. The card reader software is included in the price of the Certificate card, and you can download it from the FINeID website of DVV free of charge.


  • We want to guarantee you a safe and reliable way to manage your financial affairs. By using the authentication, the risk of a misuse of your username is significantly reduced.
  • With the identification, you can log into OmaYTK with the online banking credentials of all banks.
  • is a common identification service for public administration e-services maintained by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, which allows you to move conveniently from one service to another without registering separately. For example, you can fill in an application for daily allowance in the OmaYTK service and at the same time order yourself a new tax card from the Tax Administration's website without logging into different services.
  • Read more about the service 

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