The commuting time refers to the time it takes from your home to the workplace in normal conditions without extra detours.

Calculate the commuting time using the fastest means of transportation at your disposal. You are not required to buy a car, but if you have a car at your disposal, the commuting time will be determined according to that. If you use public transport, you can include the time spent changing buses or trains including the waiting times.

As the purpose of the mobility allowance is to encourage people to accept jobs, the allowance will not be stopped even if your commuting time becomes shorter during your employment. This means that the mobility allowance also serves as a moving allowance. We can pay the allowance, even if you move closer to your workplace after taking on the job.

We can pay an increased mobility allowance if the job or the place of job-related training is located more than 200 kilometers from your place of residence. You should calculate the distance according to the realised kilometers.

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