Will transferring between unemployment funds affect my membership or working condition?

If you join the new unemployment fund directly after you have resigned from the previous fund, the period of employment and the period of membership that you have accumulated will follow you to the new fund. This transition period is one month. If the transition period exceeds one month, you will join the new fund as a new member and you will need to start accumulating your employment history for the working condition from zero.

When you transfer from one unemployment fund to another, there might be a period during which you are not a member of either of the unemployment funds. Even if you were working during that period, the work you do will not be counted towards the working condition, as you are not a member of an unemployment fund.

If you wish to transfer your employment history and membership with you to the new fund, you must pay your membership fees to the previous unemployment fund up to the time of resigning.

To make sure that you will not lose the employment history you have accumulated, join the new unemployment fund first and end your membership in the previous fund only after that. You can also give us the right to cancel your previous membership. We will do it immediately after your membership at the YTK unemployment fund has started. This is an easy way to make sure that you don’t lose the employment history you have accumulated.

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