When you retire

When you are granted old-age pension you no longer need the services of the unemployment fund. However, retirement does not automatically end your membership at YTK, so remember to send us a written resignation notice. As our members send the resignation notices due to retirement, they often thank us for the years of membership. We really appreciate it!

What should I do when I’m about to retire?

When you retire, send us a resignation notice. Notify the start date of your retirement and we will end your membership at YTK to that day. Leftover membership fees can be returned as soon as you notify your account number.

If you are paid earnings-related daily allowance, write the date from which you have applied for pension in the application.

In order to calculate your pension, your pension insurance company needs information on the paid benefits from us. We will deliver the information electronically to the Finnish Centre for Pensions. The Finnish Centre for Pensions will transmit the information to your pension insurance company.

You can claim your old-age pension through your pension provider’s web service. If you don't know which pension provider has insured you, you can find that out at the website Työeläke.fi. https://www.tyoelake.fi/en/

Contact your pension provider when you have questions relating to your pension record, future pension or claim for a pension.

If your own pension provider doesn’t have an online application service, you can claim your pension by filling out a paper form or by filling out and printing the online form (7001e).

An unemployed person’s right to old-age pension already at the age of 62

You can be paid old-age pension without early retirement deduction already when you are 62 years old if

  1. you were born during 1950–1957

  2. you have turned 62 years old and
  3. you have been paid earnings-related daily allowance or basic daily allowance based on additional days for at least one day during the month preceding the pension.

This pension must be specially applied for. As an attachment to your application you need a certificate of the unemployment daily allowance paid based on additional days from us. We will give it to you upon request. You can get a pension application form from the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

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