What is the difference between a fund membership and a combined membership?

You can join either as a fund member or a combined member. If you already are a fund member, you can upgrade your membership to a combined membership any time you like.

Fund members belong to the YTK Unemployment Fund. If you become unemployed or you are laid off, you can apply for earnings-related daily allowance from us. You can also apply for mobility allowance, as well as job alternation compensation for the time of your job alternation leave. Fund membership costs 99 € per year.

Combined members belong to both the YTK Unemployment Fund and the YTK Association. This means that, in addition to unemployment security, you are entitled to the member benefits and services provided by the YTK Association. Combined membership benefits include leisure-time accident and legal expenses insurance, legal advice on employment relationships, as well as other, varying membership benefits. The total cost of a combined membership is 123 € per year.

You can check the level of your membership in the OmaYTK service and upgrade your membership to a full membership if necessary.

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