Ending the membership

YTK membership offers you security during unemployment, layoff or alternation leave. As a combined member you also get support for other changes in your working life. 

Resigning practices

You can resign from the unemployment fund whenever you want. Please fill out carefully the electronic resigning form found on our website. We will do the rest.

The date of resignation is the day we receive the notice of resignation. You can only resign retroactively, if you change unemployment funds or retire on pension. When you change to another unemployment fund, your date of resignation is the day preceding the joining in the other unemployment fund. When you retire on pension, your date of resignation is the day preceding the starting of pension.

If you have paid the membership fee for the whole year and resign in the middle of the year, you should give your bank account number in the resigning form for a refund of the membership fee. If more than 10 euros remains of your membership fee, we can refund it to you on request.

Other issues to note

Only as a member of an unemployment fund will you be able to accumulate employment for the condition regarding employment. If you resign from the fund and do not re-join or join another unemployment fund, you will lose the condition regarding employment you have accumulated.

If you are transferring to an unemployment fund for entrepreneurs, you are entitled to receive daily allowance of employees, if you become unemployed before the entrepreneur’s condition regarding employment is fulfilled. The requirement for that is that you join the unemployment fund for entrepreneurs within one month after resigning from YTK.

YTK is an unemployment fund. Our membership does not prevent a membership in a trade union. So if you are joining a trade union, you need not resign from YTK because of that.


If you intend not to pay your membership fee for 2023, enter 1 January 2023 as the date of termination.

Don’t forget to join us or another unemployment fund within one month of the date you ended your membership with us. This way you can ensure that there will be no interruptions in your unemployment insurance.

If you have paid your membership fee for the entire year and leave YTK during the year use the termination form to inform us of your bank account number for a refund of the remaining membership fee. You may request a refund if more than 10 euros remain of you membership fee.

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