Your most important duty as a member of YTK is to pay your membership fee. If you do not pay your membership fee, you will be suspended from the membership of YTK retroactively from the day you have not paid the membership fee.

We will send a reminder for an unpaid membership fee. The reminder functions at the same time as a hearing defined in the Act on Unemployment Funds, in which the consequences of neglecting to pay the membership fee are given.

According to the Act on Unemployment Funds 4 §, the unemployment fund can, after hearing the member, suspend a member who:

  • has given false or misleading information when joining the fund,

  • has dishonestly notified the fund incorrectly or  concealed a matter that affects the amount of daily allowance or the right to claim daily allowance,

  • refuses to  follow the rules of the fund or the instructions given by the fund’s board 

YTK is an unemployment fund for employees. If you become an entrepreneur, notify us about the start of your entrepreneurship. You can maintain your membership in the fund for a maximum of 18 months from the beginning of your entrepreneurship. We recommend, however, that you join an unemployment fund for entrepreneurs as soon as you start your entrepreneurship. That way you can secure your entrepreneurship in case of unemployment right from the start. If you stay as a member of YTK, we will end your membership when you have worked as an entrepreneur for over 18 months.

The board of YTK has authorized the CEO to make the decision about suspending a member. Before the suspension we will hear the member. An appeal against the fund’s decision to reject your member application or suspend your from membership can be made to the Unemployment Security Appeal Board.

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