What attachments should I add to the application for daily allowance?

We need a few documents for processing your application for daily allowance. When you fill out the application in OmaYTK, the service will tell you what documents you need to append.

Please remember that we can only pay daily allowance retroactively for a period of three months. So you should send your application to us well ahead of the three-month limit. You can send the attachments later. We can also request for the necessary attachments if something important is missing.

Salary certificate

Salary certificate is one of the most important attachments. We use it to calculate the amount of your daily allowance. The certificate should include all income for a period of at least 26 weeks before the lay off or the termination of employment.

Your employer will give you the salary certificate. You can tell the employer that the salary certificate is for the unemployment fund. The salary certificate form can be found here.

Tax card

Tax will be withheld from the earnings-related daily allowance. Hence we need to know your tax withholding percentage.

At the beginning of the year the Tax Administration automatically sends us the tax information of all our members. That information is, however, for the salary. According to the instructions of the Tax Administration, the withholding percentage shall be at least 25, if a benefit is taxed using the withholding percentage of salary.

When you apply for earnings-related daily allowance, you can order a revised tax card with benefit information from Tax Administration's Tax Card Online service. When you fill in your benefit information, choose Yleinen Työttömyyskassa YTK as the payer of the benefit. This way the Tax Administration will forward your new tax information directly to us. Then we can withhold the tax using the percentage of the revised tax card without having to increase it to 25 per cent.

Notice of lay-off

Send us also the notice of lay-off. We will need the notice of lay-off later, if the employment is terminated during the lay-off period.

It is not necessary to send us the notice of lay-off at the beginning of the lay-off period. It is nevertheless advisable to send it to us as soon as possible for later use.

Proof of other income and benefits

As an applicant for unemployment daily allowance you need to inform us about such a change in your conditions that may affect your right to receive daily allowance or reduce the amount of the payable daily allowance. If you are uncertain, please contact our customer service.

Here are some examples:

  • If you have income or are in part-time work during the lay-off period, append a certificate on your salary to the application.
  • If you receive a social benefit, append a copy of the latest decision concerning the benefit to the application. Also mention any application for pension or appeal concerning a pension application.
  • If you work in part-time entrepreneurial or agricultural entrepreneurial activities, append the details of the latest completed taxation to the application.
  • If you have started part-time entrepreneurial activities, append a calculation for tax to be prepaid to the application.
  • If you or your family receive home care allowance for a child under 3 years old, append the decision on the allowance, and information on who cares for the child.

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