If the lay-off is part-time

Your employer may also choose to lay you off on a part-time basis. This means that you continue to work part-time. Working part-time does not disqualify you from claiming an earnings-related daily allowance. However, your allowance will need to be adjusted. This means that we take your earnings into account when we calculate your earnings-related daily allowance, and make a small deduction. The system is designed to ensure that, although your allowance will be lower due to your earnings, working part-time still works out better for you financially than full-time unemployment.

Part-time lay-off

Lay-off can also be part-time. If you are laid off by shortening your weekly  working time, we will pay the full daily allowance for the days on which you are laid off. No daily allowance will be paid for the days on which you are working.

A lay-off can also be carried out so that your daily  working time is shortened. In that case we can pay you adjusted daily allowance. It means that we will take the income you receive into account in the amount of the daily allowance. We can still pay you a daily allowance, but less than if you were completely laid off. You can estimate the amount of adjusted daily allowance with our calculator.

If you have both completely laid off days and shortened working days during a calendar week, we will pay you adjusted daily allowance. In the payment we take into account the income from both shortened and full working days.

Special rules relating to adjusted daily allowances

We can only pay you an adjusted daily allowance if you have had your daily working hours cut on the basis of a lay-off. This means that you work a shorter day at least once during a calendar week. For example, if your working day is only five hours long, you are deemed to be on reduced daily working hours.

You may not be entitled to an adjusted daily allowance, however, if the loss of working hours is negligible. The law lays down this rule by stipulating that eligibility for an adjusted daily allowance requires that the claimant’s working hours have been cut to no more than 80% of the maximum working hours of a full-time employee in the industry. If your working hours amount to more than the 80% threshold, we therefore cannot pay you an allowance.

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