The job alternation compensation is 70 % of your full earnings-related daily allowance without child increase. We will calculate the amount of the compensation from your salary income before the start of the leave. We look at salaries for a period of 52 weeks.

You can estimate the amount of compensation by using our calculator.

When you work part-time during the job alternation leave, the income you earn will be adjusted with the daily allowance. It means that your income will reduce the payable compensation. When we adjust your job alternation compensation with your income, we will not consider the protection for income in the adjustment. You can read more about the adjusted daily allowance at here. 

Job alternation compensation is paid for a maximum of five days per calendar week. This means that if you work during your job alternation leave, for example, two days a week for your employer, you can receive job alternation compensation for a maximum of three days.

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