How quickly will you process my application?

We are working hard to pay your daily allowance into your account as soon as you send us your application. We are not quite there yet, and there can always be other complications.

In any case, we think you that should get the money as quickly as possible. It does not take long to process one application, but we take care of the unemployment security of almost half a million people, and sometimes we have many applications to process at the same time.
The time from application to payment also depends greatly on the type of application. In 2019, our average processing time was 5.6 days. The median processing time was 2 days.

The first application for a daily allowance

It always takes a little longer to process the first application for daily allowance. This is because we need to check the conditions for payment and calculate the amount of your daily allowance.

Statistics on the number of application, calls and messages.

Follow-up application

If you are completely unemployed or laid off and your follow-up application has no changes to your previous application, the daily allowance will be in your account 1-2 business days after the application arrived.

Even if you did not report any changes in your application, it is possible that we have received a new statement from the TE Office, for example. Any such things will prevent automatic processing.

Follow-up application with attachments or changes

If your application has any attachments or your situation has changed since your previous application, you will not receive payment automatically. In this case, your application will be in the waiting line. Visit our processing time statistics to see how long the waiting line is. 

Application when you have worked part time

If you have been paid for part-time work, or for full-time work for less than two weeks, or for part-time entrepreneur activities, you can apply for adjusted daily allowance. We process these applications manually, but we work hard in this process, as we think that unemployment security should never stop you from accepting a job.

Statistics on the number of application, calls and messages.

Track the processing of applications

You can check the status of your application in OmaYTK.

You can use our statistics to check the estimated processing time of your application based on the date we received it.

What things in the daily allowance application are considered changes?

If your application has changed compared to your previous application, it will not be processed automatically. You should, however, always notify us if your situation changes. Applicants are bound by law to declare any changes that could affect their right to receive benefits. Always fill in your application carefully.

Changing your application period is also a change that prevents automatic processing. Please do not change your application period unless we specifically ask you to do so.

Typical changes include starting part-time work. You can report this by stating your working hours or earned income in your application. Any attachments and paydays mean that the application will be manually processed.

Your application cannot be automatically processed if we receive information about other benefit decisions or new statements from the TE Office.

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