Do you need my tax card?

You do not need to send us your tax card separately. You can, however, ask the Tax Administration for a new tax card which is calculated based on your earnings-related daily allowance. This way, your tax card will be more suitable for you during unemployment and you will be left with more money in your pocket.

Revised tax card for benefits

When you receive earnings-related daily allowance, you should request a new tax card for the benefit from the Tax Administration and send it to us.

You can order the tax card using the Tax Administration’s online service. Please note that the service does not have a specific option for ordering a revised tax card for benefits. To get one, make a request for a regular tax card and enter the amount of the earnings-related daily allowance you expect to receive in the benefits field. When making a request for the tax card, the benefits field can be found under “Benefits” in the section “Other income”. Enter the estimated amount of your daily allowance and select “Yleinen työttömyyskassa YTK” as the payor from the dropdown menu. 

Tax Administrations guide: How to request a tax card for benefit income in MyTax

You can see the amount of your daily allowance in the decision you have received from us. You will find this decision in the OmaYTK service. You can also use our daily allowance calculator to estimate the amount. By multiplying the amount of daily allowance received for one day by 258, you will get the estimated amount of daily allowance to be paid for the whole year. You can use this estimate for ordering a new tax card.

In the same section where you entered the estimated amount of your benefit, you can enter “Yleinen työttömyyskassa YTK” as the recipient of your tax information. This way, we will receive the tax information directly from the Tax Administration. If you are about to apply for daily allowance, please wait for the next day before submitting your daily allowance application after the tax card request. Otherwise, it might happen that your daily allowance is paid according to the old tax information, as the new tax information is transferred to us overnight.

You can also send us your tax card using the OmaYTK online service. There you will find a tax card button which allows you to add a new tax card.

Read more about the taxation of earnings-related daily allowance here.

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