Working as a part-time entrepreneur

A part-time entrepreneur is a person whose employment in a business is so minor that it does not prevent them from applying for or receiving full-time employment at the same time.

If you can show that your amount of work is small, the TE Office may consider you to be a part-time entrepreneur. Then you can apply for adjusted daily allowance to support your income.

The TE Office will evaluate the amount of your work based on the report you provide. You can also prove that your work as an entrepreneur is part-time by working in a full-time job not linked to your entrepreneurial activities for at least 6 months.


An inadequate or small income you receive from working as an entrepreneur does not make a difference in evaluating the amount of work required by your activities. This is because working as an entrepreneur with poor profitability can also employ you considerably, and unemployment security is not intended for supporting unprofitable business activities.

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