When you start working as an entrepreneur, we recommend you join an unemployment fund for entrepreneurs as soon as possible after starting your activities. That way, you will ensure the continuing of earnings-related unemployment security.

If you decide to remain a member of YTK, there are two things you should remember:

  1. When you have been an entrepreneur for 18 months without interruptions, you can no longer receive daily allowance from an unemployment fund for employees before you have fulfilled the working condition for employees again.
  2. According to the rules of YTK, you can be a member for a maximum of 18 months from the beginning of your entrepreneurial activities. After that, we will terminate your membership at YTK.

If you work as an entrepreneur part-time, remember to keep your job-seeker status valid at the TE Office. Working as a part-time entrepreneur may be of so small scale that you will be considered to be outside the labour market. If you stay away from the labour market without an acceptable reason for more than six months, you will lose your right to earnings-related daily allowance. There is no danger of that if you make sure that your job-seeker status is valid. When your job-seeker status is valid, you can also apply for adjusted daily allowance to support your income. When your job-seeker status is valid, there is no risk of losing the employment history you have accumulated in order to fulfil the working condition when you work as a part-time entrepreneur for more than 18 months.

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