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Working through an invoicing company has become more popular. The work done through an invoicing company has been interpreted to be entrepreneurship, because in such situations the company offering the invoicing service is not in an employer position. If there is no employer, there is no employment relationship either. When you do payed work without being in an employment relationship, you are considered to be an entrepreneur.

In order for you to be considered an employee on the basis of an employment relationship, it is required that the other party of the employment contract is in an employer position. A company that only takes care of the accounting, invoicing and payment of salary for those who perform the work cannot be considered an employer of those who perform the work. Often such companies do not practice the same business operations that you do. Instead, they offer you support services based on membership or agreement. Such agreements concerning support services do not set you a personal obligation to work for the corporation providing the support services, which is a requirement for an employment relationship.

While working through an invoicing company, you often find the assignments yourself and make the agreements with the clients. You have the opportunity to agree on prices and other terms independently. In addition, you may carry out the actual work in your own premises or at the client’s premises. You may own or rent your working equipment. Those matters suggest that you do not work in an employment relationship.

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