When will earnings-related daily allowance not be granted?

Earnings-related daily allowance is intended as  income when you are unemployed. In addition, it is intended to allow you to look for work. This makes it easy to understand the situations in which a daily allowance cannot be paid. As a general rule, they are situations where you have some other income or you are not on the labour market looking for a job.

In some cases, the obstacle is temporary to begin with. In that case, you will receive a negative decision that is valid for a fixed term. And in some cases, we will reassess your entitlement to the earnings-related daily allowance when the obstacle is over. In this case, you will receive a negative decision that is valid until further notice.
In some cases, a suspension period is set for you. This means that you will not get an allowance for this period. As a rule, we cannot pay you a daily allowance during this period.

A list of some of the most common obstacles:

  • You have resigned without a valid reason

  • You have declined work or training without a valid reason

  • A waiting period has been set for you

  • You are entitled to a salary for the notice period

  • Your employer pays you for terminating your employment contract

  • You are a full-time entrepreneur

  • You are incapable of working

  • You are retired

  • You are a full-time student

  • You are on parental leave

  • You are doing your military or non-military service

  • You are in prison

  • You are in hospital care

  • You are unemployed because of a strike or lockout

  • The indirect reason for you being unemployed is  a strike or lockout, and the purpose of the labour dispute is to make changes to your work and salary, too

  • You have been absent from the labour market for more than six months without an acceptable reason

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