When am I entitled to additional days?

You may be entitled to additional days on your earnings-related daily allowance when  you are approaching the retirement age.. In that case, we can pay you earnings-related daily allowance after your  maximum payment period ends until  the end of the calendar month in which you turn 65. However, job-seekers born in 1965 or later can receive  earnings-related daily allowance until the end of the calendar month in which they turn the age set in the Employees Pensions Act as  the lowest age for old-age pension.

Your entitlement to additional days depends on your birth year and on when your maximum payment period ends. You may be entitled to additional days, if

  1. You were born in 1955 or 1956 and turned 60 before the end of your maximum payment period

  2. You were born in 1957–1960 and turned 61 before the end of your maximum payment period

  3. You were born in 1961 or later and turned 62 before the end of your  maximum payment period

In addition, you must still have worked  for at least five years during the past 20 years.

We make sure that you will not lose any additional days. When your maximum payment period ends, we will automatically check your entitlement to additional days. If you are entitled to additional days, but do not continue to apply, we will contact you and tell you about it.

When you are on additional days, keep your job-seeking valid in the TE Office and continue to apply for daily allowance in the normal manner.. Remember that additional days do not change your obligations  as an unemployed person.

When you are going to retire, read more detailed ​​​​​​​instructions here.

Additional days will be removed

The Government has decided that the additional days of unemployment allowance will be removed. The changes are intended to enter into force at the beginning of 2023. Read more.

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