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How long can I receive earnings-related daily allowance?

The duration of the earnings-related daily allowance is, depending on your situation, either 300, 400 or 500 days. When you fulfil the condition regarding employment, the maximum period will always start from the beginning. When you are approaching the retirement age, you may be entitled to additional days after the actual daily allowance period.

300 days

If your work history is shorter than three years.

400 days

If your work history is longer than three years.

500 days

If you meet the condition regarding employment at the age of 58 and have 5 years of work history during the past 20 years.

We can also pay the daily allowance for 500 days, if your maximum period commenced before the amendment to the law made on 1 January 2017.

Elapsing of the daily allowance period

Each full daily allowance paid deducts one day from the maximum period. Daily allowance is paid for a maximum of five days per calendar week. Hence only five days are deducted from the maximum period per week, although there are seven days in a week.

The maximum period elapses in a different way, if you receive adjusted daily allowance during part-time work. In such situations the adjusted daily allowance is converted to match full daily allowance before deducting it from the maximum period. It means that when you work part-time, the maximum period elapses at a slower pace.

Such a slowing effect does not exist, if a social benefit has been deducted from the full daily allowance.

You may be paid a daily allowance even after the maximum period, if you are entitled to additional days.

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