Child increase

If you are the guardian of underage children, you can apply for child increase of the daily allowance.

The conditions and amounts of child increase

If you receive earnings-related daily allowance and are the guardian of a child under 18, we can pay you daily allowance plus child increase.

Child increase does not require formal custody. You may therefore also be entitled to the child increase for the minor children of your married or cohabiting partner if the children live in same household with you.

The amount of child increase is 7,01 €for one child, a total of 10,29 €for two children, and a total of 13,26 €for three or more children.

How to apply for child increase

Enter the dates of birth of the children in the application form in the field where children under 18 are listed. That is all. We will compare the information you submit to the details in the Population Information System. When all information matches, we can pay the child increase.

We usually get the information on children from the Population Information System  quickly, but sometimes we have to pay first the daily allowance without the child increase and then pay the child increase later, once the child is shown in the Population Information System. If you wish, you can send the child’s birth certificate to speed up the processing of your application.

You can also apply for the child increase on a separate request by sending us a message through OmaYTK.

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