There are many responsibilities related to our operations. For example, the membership fees shall be set in such a way that we are able to fulfil our responsibilities. That involves the responsibility to manage the spending of the fund in such a way that the membership fee remains at a reasonable level.

We also have the responsibility to see to it that all of our members are aware of their rights and obligations. That concerns issuing of decisions and more generally advising, informing and joining as a member. Looking after that responsibility means that we need to provide the advice you need as quickly and flexibly as possible. In practice, we ensure that by improving and maintaining the expertise of our staff and by developing the functioning of the tools and contact channels.

When issuing decisions, we have to see to it that facts are evaluated on the same grounds in similar cases. We also need to be able to reason our decision impartially and objectively. As we work in that way, you have the possibility to anticipate the decision and rely on that the decision given to you is correct.

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It may sometimes seem to you that you have received a different decision than your colleague who is in the same situation. In most cases the reason for different decisions is that in fact the situations were not exactly alike. Sometimes the application practice may change, which means that decisions given at a different time in a similar situation differ from each other. Please remember, however, that you can always appeal on a decision if you are not satisfied with it.

We are only allowed to exercise our power for the purpose determined for us by the law. Hence we do not carry out, for example, similar policy development as the trade unions.

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