When can I appeal?

If you are dissatisfied with the decision you received, it is important that you appeal the decision within the set period of time. If your appeal is delayed, the board of appeal nor the Insurance Court will take upon your case to be examined without a compelling reason.

Preliminary appeal

You can appeal the decision once we have given you a decision. If you apply for appeal before we have given our decision, your appeal is preliminary and the board of appeal or the Insurance Court will not examine it.

Delayed appeal

Submit your appeal no later than 30 days after being notified of the decision. If you submit your appeal after this, it will be delayed. The Social Security Appeal Board and the Insurance Court will not handle delayed appeals without a weighty reason.

The date of notification is based on the day you open the decision in OmaYTK. If the decision has been mailed to you, the day of notification is the seventh day from when the letter was mailed. The mailing day is stated in the letter.

Review of decision

If the appeal period has already expired, you can still ask us to review the decision. Then we will give you a decision either on inadmissibility or a completely new decision. You can then appeal either the inadmissibility or the new decision.

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