When we receive your petition for appeal, we will review the decision. If we can amend the decision according to your preferences, we will let you know and make the necessary adjustments.

If we cannot amend the decision in the manner you prefer, we will write a statement on the case and send it with the attachments to the Social Security Appeal Board for review. We will also send the documents to you, so you can familiarise yourself with the reasoning for the decision and the documents on which the decision was based.

Along with the documents, we will send you a letter regarding the hearing. Once you have familiarised yourself with our statement, you can submit your view on the case to the Social Security Appeal Board within 30 days. At the same time, you can, for example, point out whether you think that an essential document has been neglected in the handling of the case. Send your reply to the letter on the hearing directly to the Social Security Appeal Board. The address of the Appeal Board can be found in the letter on the hearing.

The Social Security Appeal Board will investigate the case and issue a decision. If the Appeal Board rejects your appeal, the original decision will remain in force. If the Appeal Board accepts your demands, it will repeal our decision and order the case to be retried. We will then handle the case again, after which you will receive a new decision.

If you do not accept the decision of the Social Security Appeal Board, you can appeal it in the Insurance Court. Instructions for appeal can be found in the decision of the Social Security Appeal Board. The decision of the Insurance Court cannot be appealed.

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