When you send a petition for appeal to us, we will review the decision. If there is a clear error in the decision which can be corrected immediately, the appeal may be handled in one week.

If we cannot amend the decision in the way you want, we will write a statement on the case to the Social Security Appeal Board. At this stage the petitions for appeal are not handled in the order of arrival, but in the order that their period of appeal will expire. Hence the time may vary from around 3 to 8 weeks. We can also correct the decision at this stage, which will solve the case.

If the appeal concerns a labour market policy matter, we will ask the TE Office for a new statement. This can to some extent slow down the processing of the matter.

If the case is forwarded to the Appeal Board, the handling time there is around 8–10 months. The handling time in the Insurance Court is around 12 months.

So the time taken by the handling of the case varies from one week to two years.

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The Unemployment Security Act involves a lot of overall consideration and openness to interpretation. Hence it is good that our customers file petitions for appeal. Based on the decisions made in different instances of the appeal procedure we can develop and change the established practices to make them better and at the same time support the equality of our customers. The appeal procedure provides you legal protection and is at the same time an important tool in developing the system.

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