Frequently asked questions


  • Can the membership start retroactively?

    The membership cannot start retroactively. The membership can start, at the earliest, on the day we receive the membership application.

  • I am starting maternity leave / starting my studies / doing my military service, do I have to pay the membership fee?

    According to the Employment Security Act, you will not lose the accumulated condition regarding employment, if you are absent from the labour market for an acceptable reason. The situations mentioned in the question are such acceptable reasons. So if you have been working for example before your maternity leave, you will keep the accumulated employment weeks, as long as you also pay the membership fee for the maternity leave. These acceptable reasons can extend the review period of the condition regarding employment (28 months) for as much as seven years. You need to remain a member of the unemployment fund, however, and the only way to do that is by paying the membership fee.

  • Why did I receive two invoices?

    If you are a combined member of YTK, we will send you invoices for the memberships of both the Unemployment Fund YTK and YTK Association. The membership fee of the unemployment fund secures your earnings-related benefits, while the membership fee of the Association covers a variety of benefits for combined members.

  • Has the membership invoice already been sent and have I paid it?

    You can easily check the status of your membership fee in OmaYTK. If the membership fee has not yet been paid, you will also find the information needed for making the payment.

  • How can I have my membership invoice as an e-invoice directly to my online bank in the future?

    Make an e-invoice authorisation for us in your own online bank. You will find the information needed for the authorisation in OmaYTK.


  • Why was my tax withholding 25% although my tax percentage is lower?

    If the revised tax card concerns salary, the withholding percentage shall be increased to at least 25 per cent as per the decision of the Tax Administration.

    If you receive earnings-related daily allowance or alternation compensation, you should request a revised tax card for the benefit and send it to us. Then the withholding will be carried out using the percentage of the revised tax card and it will not be automatically increased to 25%.

    We do not get the details of the revised tax card directly from the Tax Administration. You can get a revised tax card in the Tax Card Online service and send it to us electronically through OmaYTK.

  • Do I need to send my tax card to you?

    All benefits paid by the unemployment fund are subject to withholding tax. We automatically get from the Tax Administration the tax percentage for salary of those members who have joined before the turn of the year. When we use the tax card for salary, the withholding is always at least 25%.

    If you are applying for daily allowance or alternation compensation, you can request a revised tax card for the benefit and send it to us for example via OmaYTK. Then we can use exactly the withholding percentage stated in the tax card. We do not get the details of the revised tax card directly from the Tax Administration. If you ask the Tax Office to send the tax card directly to us, please note that it may take several days for the tax card to arrive. The fastest way to send the tax card is electronically through OmaYTK.

  • Why is the fund asking for a notice of termination? I have already sent you an employment certificate, is that not enough?

    As a general rule, we do not need the employment certificate at all. We need the notice of termination, because it includes information on the date of notice of termination of your employment. The employment certificate states the start and end date of the employment relationship, but not the date of notice of termination.

    It is important to determine the date of notice of termination, because the period of notice is calculated from that date on. It is determined in accordance with the Employment Contracts Act, the collective agreement applied in your industry or the employment contract. You are not entitled to earnings-related daily allowance for the period of notice. During the period of notice you are entitled to salary for the period of notice. If other preconditions are met, the right to earnings-related daily allowance may begin after the expiration of the period of notice applied in the employment relationship at the earliest.

  • Shall I also apply for daily allowance for the suspension period set by the TE Office?

    It is not necessary to fill in a daily allowance application for the suspension period for which no allowance will be paid. When you apply for daily allowance for the first time after the expiration of the suspension period, you need to inform whether you have been completely unemployed for the duration of the entire suspension period.

    If it is your first application and you send it to us in the normal way also for the suspension period, the handling of the application after the suspension period will be faster if you are still unemployed. During the suspension period we may have handled your first application and determined the amount of your daily allowance already at that point.

    If you do not wish to act until after the suspension period, remember to inform us of any earnings during the suspension period. Send the information on any employment to the unemployment fund right away together with the application after the suspension period.

  • A child has been born in our family, how can I receive child support supplement?

    You can apply for child support supplement by entering the child’s date of birth in the application form in the field where children under 18 are listed. We get the information on children from the Population Information System rather quickly, but sometimes we have to pay first the daily allowance without child support supplement and the supplement retroactively once the child is shown in the Population Information System. If you wish, you can send the child’s birth certificate to speed up the processing of your application. You can also apply for child support supplement on a separate request, e.g. by sending a message through OmaYTK.

  • I got a part-time job. How do I continue to apply for daily allowance?

    Voit täyttää seuraavan ansiopäivärahahakemuksen vakiintuneen hakujakson mukaisesti osa-aikatyön alkamisesta huolimatta. Osa-aikatyön jatkuessa voit hakea soviteltua ansiopäivärahaa palkanmaksujaksosta riippuen joko neljän peräkkäisen kalenteriviikon, kuukauden tai kalenterikuukauden jaksoissa. Tästä syystä sinun kannattaakin ilmoittaa työnantajan noudattama palkanmaksujakso jo osa-aikatyön alkaessa. Tarvittaessa saatamme pyytää sinua täydentämään hakemustasi, jotta pääsisimme palkanmaksujaksoa vastaavaan sovittelujaksoon.

    • Merkitse tehdyt työtunnit hakemukseesi, jotta voimme todeta viikoittain toteutuneiden työtuntien määrän ja seurata työssäoloehdon kertymistä osa-aikatyön aikana.
    • Toimita hakemuksen liitteeksi palkkatodistus tai palkkalaskelma selvityksenä hakujakson aikana ansaitusta palkkatulosta.
    • Toimita meille myös jäljennös osa-aikatyön työsopimuksesta. Jos kirjallista työsopimusta ei ole tehty, toimita meille työnantajan laatima kirjallinen selvitys työsuhteessa noudatettavista ehdoista.

    Muista myös ilmoittaa osa-aikatyön aloittamisesta TE-toimistoon.

    Lue lisää soviteltavasta päivärahasta.

  • How does part-time work affect the maximum duration of earnings-related daily allowance?

    When you work part-time and receive adjusted daily allowance, the maximum payment period elapses slower compared to completely unemployed persons. At the same time, all weeks with at least 18 hours of work accumulate your right to a new maximum payment period of 400 days.

  • How will part-time work affect the amount of my earnings-related daily allowance later?

    Alongside part-time work you can accumulate yourself the right to a new maximum payment period of 400 days. The amount of daily allowance will also be adjusted then, if more than a year has elapsed since the previous adjustment. If time still remains from the maximum payment period of 400 days, the daily allowance is at least 80 per cent of the previous amount. So working even with a lower salary will not considerably reduce the amount of your daily allowance.

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