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Frequently asked questions


  • You can postpone the payment of your membership fee by a couple of weeks, e.g. to your pay day. If you only wish to postpone the payment by a few days, there is no need to contact YTK. If you need more time to pay the invoice, or if you wish to pay your membership fee in instalments due to your financial standing, you should contact us by e-mail as soon as you receive the invoice at: laskutus@ytk.fi.

  • According to the Employment Security Act, you will not lose your accumulated employment history with regard to the working condition if you are absent from the labour market for an acceptable reason. The cases mentioned in the question are such acceptable reasons. This means that, for example, if you have been working before your maternity leave, you will keep the accumulated employment history as long as you also pay the membership fee when you are on maternity leave. These acceptable reasons can extend the review period of the working condition (28 months) by as much as seven years. However, you need to remain a member of the unemployment fund, and the only way to do that is by paying the membership fee. The rules of YTK do not allow for exemption from the membership fee.

  • If you retire in the middle of the year, you should pay the membership fee in the normal manner. When you receive the decision on your pension, you should send us a notice of resignation. Date your resignation one day before the start date of your retirement. For example, if the start date of your retirement is the first day of June, enter the last day of May as your date of resignation. We will return the membership fee for the remaining part of the year to a bank account designated by you, if the remaining sum is at least EUR10.

  • If you become a full-time entrepreneur, we recommend that you join an unemployment fund for entrepreneurs right away, because you can only accumulate the entrepreneur’s employment history with regard to the working condition as a member of an unemployment fund for entrepreneurs. If you do not join an unemployment fund for entrepreneurs, you can continue your membership in YTK for 18 months at the most after becoming a full-time entrepreneur. Further information.

  • If you are a combined member of YTK, you will receive separate invoices for the membership of the General Unemployment Fund YTK and the YTK Association. The membership fee of the Unemployment Fund secures your earnings-related benefits and the membership fee of the Association includes many  other benefits for combined members.

  • It is easy to check the status of your membership fee online at OmaYTK. If you have not yet paid your membership fee, you will also find the information needed to make the payment on the website.

  • You need to make an e-invoice authorisation for us in your online bank. You will find the information needed for the authorisation online at OmaYTK.

  • The membership fee of an unemployment fund is tax-deductible. We report the membership fee details directly to the Tax Administration annually. The membership fee is credited in the taxation for the year in which the payment was made. So, if you paid for your membership for 2018 already in 2017, the Tax Administration will take it into account in the taxation for 2017.

    The membership fee of the YTK Association is not tax-deductible.

  • We always send the membership invoice to the member. If you and your employer agree that your employer will pay your membership fee, you should give the invoice to your employer once you receive it.



  • If you have a revised tax card for your salary, your tax rate will be increased to at least 25% in accordance with the decision of the Tax Administration.

    If you receive an earnings-related daily allowance or job alternation compensation, you should request a revised tax card for the benefit. Then we can deduct the tax according to the revised tax card, and the rate will not be automatically increased to 25%.

    You can request a tax card using the Tax Card Online service. Please note that there is no alternative for a revised tax card for benefits. To get a revised tax card for benefits, enter in the benefits field the amount of the earnings-related daily allowance you expect to receive.

    In that same area, you can enter the General unemployment fund YTK as the receiver of your tax information. That way, we will get the information directly from the Tax Administration.

    If you wish, you can also send your tax card to us electronically using OmaYTK.

  • All benefits paid by the unemployment fund are subject to withholding tax. The Tax Administration sends us the tax rates for salary for those members who have joined before the end of the year. When we use the tax card for salary, the withholding rate is always at least 25%.

    If you are applying for a daily allowance or job alternation compensation, you can request a revised tax card for the benefit, this way, we can use the correct tax rate stated in the tax card.

    If you enter the General unemployment fund YTK as the payer of the benefit when you estimate the amount you will receive, we will get the tax information directly from the Tax Administration.

  • As a general rule, we do not need the certificate of employment at all. We need the notice of termination, because it includes information on the date you were given notice of termination of your employment. The certificate of employment indicates the start and end date of the employment relationship, but not the date the notice of termination was given.

    It is important for us to determine the date you were given the notice of termination, because the notice period is calculated from that date. It is determined in accordance with the Employment Contracts Act, the collective agreement applied in your industry, or your employment contract. You are not entitled to an earnings-related daily allowance during the notice period. During the notice period, you are entitled severance pay. If you meet the other preconditions, you may be entitled to an earnings-related daily allowance at the earliest after the end of your notice period.

  • You do not need to apply for a daily allowance for the suspension period, as you will not be paid an allowance for that period. When you apply for a daily allowance for the first time after the end of your suspension period, you need to tell us whether you were completely unemployed during the entire suspension period.

    If this is your first application and you send it to us in the normal way, including the suspension period, and you are still unemployed after the suspension period, we will be able to process your application faster. We will be able to process your application and determine the amount of your daily allowance during the suspension period.

    If you wish to wait until the end of the suspension period, remember to inform us of any earnings during the suspension period. If you worked during the suspension period, send information on your employment to the unemployment fund with your first application after the suspension period.

  • You can apply for the child increase by entering the child’s date of birth in the application form in the field where children under 18 are listed. We normally get information on children from the Population Information System rather quickly, but sometimes we have to pay first the daily allowance without the child increase. In this case we will pay the amount retroactively, once the child is shown in the Population Information System. If you wish, you can send the child’s birth certificate to us to speed up the processing of your application. You can also apply for the child increase separately by sending a message through OmaYTK.

  • You can fill in your next application for an earnings-related daily allowance according to your regular application period despite starting part-time work. If your part-time work continues, you can apply for an adjusted daily allowance to be paid in accordance with your pay period; every four weeks, every month, or every calendar month. This is why you should let us know your pay period when you start working part-time. If we need to, we may ask you to provide more information or documents to help us pay the adjusted daily allowance at the same time as you receive your salary.

    • Enter the hours you have worked in your application so that we can see your weekly working hours. This will help us monitor the accumulation of your employment history with regard to the working condition, while you work part-time.
    • We will usually receive the necessary salary information directly from the Incomes Register. If we need to, we will ask for more information.
    • You should also submit a copy of your part-time employment contract. If you have no written contract, please provide a written statement from your employer explaining the conditions of your employment.

    Remember to tell the TE Office about your part-time work.

    Read more about the adjusted daily allowance.

  • When you work part-time and receive an adjusted daily allowance, the maximum payment period will last longer than for people who are completely unemployed. At the same time, every week you work at least 18 hours will count towards a new maximum payment period of 400 days.

  • While working part time, you can accumulate your right to a new maximum payment period of 400 days. We will review the amount of your daily allowance then, if the previous review was carried out more than a year ago. If you still have time remaining from the maximum payment period of 400 days, the daily allowance will be at least 80% of the previous amount. This means that even if you earn less, your daily allowance will not be reduced considerably.

  • If you are completely unemployed and your follow-up application has no changes to your previous application, the payment should show in your bank account two banking days after we received your application. The fastest way is to submit the application through OmaYTK.

    If your application contains attachments or other changes, the processing time will be longer. You can check the estimated processing times in our processing time calculator.