If you are laid off

What to do if you are laid off

  1. Straight away: Register with the TE Office as an unemployed jobseeker on the first day of the lay-off at the latest. The easiest way to register is through the TE Office website. You cannot register retroactively, so remember to register immediately after being laid off. Registration is important because we cannot send your earnings-related daily allowance for a period when you are not registered as a jobseeker.

    Be careful when you register. Complete the needs assessment questionnaire and make an employment plan. When asked, indicate that you are available to the labour market and that you are ready to apply for and receive full-time work. This may seem strange, but it is your obligation to look for work when you are laid off. The labour market policy also requires you to look for work in order to qualify for earnings-related daily allowance.
  2. After two weeks. When you have been laid off for two weeks, you can submit your first daily allowance application to us. The simplest way is to use the OmaYTK service. The service will advise and guide you on how to complete your application and add the necessary attachments.

    When you enter the first lay-off date in the application, OmaYTK proposes an application period of two weeks, ending on Sunday two weeks later. Follow the application period proposed by OmaYTK. This will make the processing of your application easier, and you will receive your funds sooner.

    If your unemployment or lay-off continues, follow the application period proposed by OmaYTK, which is four weeks or one month. Change the application period only if we ask you to, or if you are no longer laid off. If you change the application period, we may not be able to process your application automatically, and it will take us longer to process your application.

    ​​​​​​​Remember to keep your job search valid at the TE Office while you are laid off. Also remember that you can only apply for the daily allowance for three months retroactively. Make sure you send your application on time!
  3. Once you have submitted your application, you can take it easy and relax. We will process your daily allowance application as soon as possible. If any information in your application is missing, we will ask you for it as soon after we discover it as possible.

Who can get an earnings-related daily allowance?

There are certain conditions and obstacles to receiving an earnings-related daily allowance. When you apply for a daily allowance, we will check them for you.

The most important condition for an earnings-related daily allowance is that you are a member of an unemployment fund and have fulfilled the criterion of working for 26 calendar weeks before your lay-off and with a valid membership.

The purpose of the earnings-related daily allowance is to secure your livelihood during your lay-off. This means that we may not be able to distribute an earnings-related daily allowance in full or at all if you have other income.

Useful links when you apply for a daily allowance