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With the daily allowance calculator, you can calculate an estimate of the amount of your earnings-related daily allowance or job alternation compensation.

Increased earnings-related part during services promoting employment
Earnings/benefits reducing daily allowance
Estimate for tax card This calculator helps you estimate the amount of earnings-related daily allowance for the entire unemployment period. You can use the estimate to order a new tax card from the Tax Administration.

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Values used in calculation

Salary used as a basis of daily allowance
Daily salary

The amount of daily allowance is calculated based on the information you provided and is only approximate. This calculation is not binding for the unemployment fund as the true amount of your allowance may be affected by factors that are not provided in this estimation.

If you reported income from part-time employment, the calculator will temporarily use increased earnings disregard (€ 500/month) until 30 September 2021. The result given by the calculator will not be accurate, if the previously valid earnings disregard (€ 300/month) is applied to your daily allowance.

Are you insured in case of unemployment?

Only a member of an unemployment fund is entitled to earnings-related daily allowance. Receive earnings-related unemployment security by joining us.