If You Become Unemployed

Right away


You can get earnings-related daily allowance only after you have registered as an unemployed job-seeker at the TE Office. Make the registration on your first day of unemployment/lay-off at the latest.  It is easily done at the website of the TE Office. The registration cannot be done retroactively so make sure you don’t forget it. If you are not Finnish, contact your local TE Office and check their instructions.

After 2 weeks


When you have been unemployed for two weeks, you can submit your first daily allowance application. The easiest way to do this is using OmaYTK. The service will advise and guide you on how to complete your application and add the necessary attachments.

When you enter your first unemployment or lay-off date on the application, OmaYTK will propose an application period that will end two weeks later on a Sunday. Follow the application period proposed by OmaYTK, this will help us process your application faster, and you will also get your money faster.

When we start paying the earnings-related allowance, there is a waiting  period at the beginning of unemployment, during which we cannot pay the earnings-related allowance.

If you are still unemployed, apply for daily allowance every four weeks or every month. Be sure to keep the job search valid at the TE Office.

Remember, we can only pay you earnings-related daily allowance for three months retrospectively. Make sure you send your application on time!

After you have sent the application


Now you can concentrate on the most important part – seeking a new job. We handle your application for daily allowance as soon as possible. In case your application is missing essential attachments, we will ask you for them straight away. Remember, that as a combined member of YTK you are able to utilise the member services promoting employment, for example by participating in the Recruitment Day or by acquiring online coaching in job-seeking at a member price.

Who can get daily allowance and who not?

There are certain preconditions and obstacles in receiving daily allowance. When you apply for daily allowance, we will check them for you.

The central precondition for receiving earnings-related daily allowance is that you have met the precondition of 26 calendar weeks of membership and employment before your unemployment.

The purpose of earnings-related daily allowance is to secure your income during unemployment. That is why it might not be possible to pay you daily allowance if you have other income. The purpose of earnings-related daily allowance is also to support your job-seeking. The TE Office will help you with that. If you neglect the job-seeking, the TE Office might consider that you are no longer entitled to the unemployment benefit.