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The best way to find all information related to your membership is our online service OmaYTK. It allows you to send messages and applications for daily allowance to us, view your payment details, update your contact information, and check the details of your membership fee.


Unemployment Fund 02 760 7620 (Mon-Fri 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Standard local/mobile network rate, international rate as applicable.


Matters related to daily allowance: [email protected]
Membership: [email protected]
Invoicing: [email protected]

E-mail is an unprotected channel, so it is not data secure. You should not send personal information such as applications or attachments to applications by e-mail.

Postal address

YTK Työttömyyskassa
PL 100
32201 LOIMAA

Visiting address

Note! The customer service desk is available only by appointment. Book your appointment by phone: (02) 760 7620 (Mon-Fri 9-14).

​​​​​​​Teollisuuskatu 4
32200 LOIMAA

Business ID


Questions about services of combined members?

The services of combined members are produced by the YTK Worklife

Ending the membership

Please note! If you are not paying the membership fee for 2023, please enter 1.1.2023 as the end date of your membership.

Don’t forget to join us or another unemployment fund within one month of the date you ended your membership with us. This way you can ensure that there will be no interruptions in your unemployment insurance.

If you have paid the full year’s membership fee and end your membership in the middle of the year, please state your bank account number in the membership termination form to get a refund. You may request a refund if there are more than 10 euros remaining of your membership fee.

Employers and partners

Here you can send attachments concerning your employee. This service is intended for use by employers and authorities.


Send attachments through the OmaYTK service to be able to see the attachments you sent late in OmaYTK

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