Ending the membership

If you wish to terminate your membership in YTK, please fill out the notice of resignation.

If you are terminating your membership and do not wish to pay the membership fee for the current year, please enter 1 January of the current year as your resignation date.

If you wish the resignation date to be a later date, you need to pay your membership fee before submitting the notice of resignation. In that case, please contact us and we will provide you with the payment details. You can send a message to laskutus@ytk.fi.

If you have paid your membership fee and resign in the middle of the year, you will be requested to give your bank account number in the notice of resignation for the returning of the membership fee. (According to the rules of the Unemployment fund, a remaining membership fee of less than 10 euros shall not be returned.)

Did you know?

If your terminate your membership in General unemployment fund YTK, your membership in the YTK Association will also expire, and thus you can no longer use the benefits of combined members, such as insurances and discounts to members offered by partners.

Think about it once more. We would not like to lose you.

Customer service status

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When you call us, it is wiser not to hang up the phone as you will lose your position in the queue. Our customer service handles altogether about 1100-1800 phone calls, e-mails and messages sent via OmaYTK every day. 

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