What is YTK?

General unemployment fund YTK is an uncommitted and independent unemployment fund.
​​​​​​​We are open to all salaried employees.

Our task is to provide earnings-related security to our members. We secure your livelihood during unemployment, lay-off, part-time work, part-time entrepreneurship, and alternation leave.

As a member of General unemployment fund YTK you can also join the YTK Association.

The YTK Association offers additional services related to employment, such as legal advice on employment relationships, insurances, member benefits, and support in job-seeking.

We provide security and support to your individual career regardless of the field!

Finland’s largest and most versatile group of members

We are proud of our members whom represent employees from all lines of work. There are already over 400 000 of us. The number amounts to over 19 per cent of wage earners.

We would very much like to develop the legislation so that in future also entrepreneurs could become members of YTK. In that way we could all represent different forms of work together.

Members are our most important resource. Their service experience guides our every step of development. With the help of the feedback we have received from our members we have been able to take our service to the top – and we thank you for it!

19 %

There are already over 400 000 of us. It is over 19 per cent of all the Finnish wage earners.


Our values


A bridge-builder in working life

Work is important. As the world changes, careers are more often composed of varying periods. We take care that you have security when you are without a job. We handle your unemployment security swiftly and we make sure that paying daily allowance does not prevent you from accepting a job.

By cooperating and helping out coworkers we make sure that our customers get the best possible service.

We are looking for new ways to connect work and workers. We build new services to help us encourage each other to an ever better working life.

Your guide

If you become unemployed, we will guide you. You don’t have to worry on your own – it’s a matter of honour for us to help you with the sometimes quite complex maze of unemployment security. If we, for example, need more information from you, we will tell you what we need it for.

Everyone walks their individual path in working life. We wish to guide and coach equally and to provide everyone with tools to the best possible working life.

Fearless debater

Development always begins with open interaction. We are not afraid to discuss openly about the working life and changing it.  We want to be direct, fair and genuine. Without courage many things are left unsaid.

We are brave enough to try, encourage and have an influence on matters, so that we can support working life and the people within it.