Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta

Taxation of earnings-related daily allowance


YTK submits the with-holding tax of the benefits it pays to the tax authority. The tax authority helps in sending the taxation information of our members once a year. If your membership in YTK has started in 2015 or before, we have already received your taxation information for this year straight from the tax authority. The tax information of those joined in 2016 we receive not until the beginning of 2017.  

The tax information received from the tax authority is however meant for salary payments. If the with-holding of earnings-related daily allowance benefit is submitted based on the salary tax card, the with-holding percentage is always at least 25 per cent, based on the decision of the tax authority. If the with-holding tax percentage of your salary tax card is under this, the with-holding is always raised to at least 25 per cent when paying earnings-related daily allowance.

When you receive daily allowance from us, you should get a changed tax card for benefits. Then your with-holding from the earnings-related daily allowance will be submitted according to the percentage in your changed tax card and the aforementioned increase is not performed. 

The information of your changed tax card we do not receive straight from the tax authority. The easiest way to get a changed tax card for a benefit is straight from the tax authority’s e-service at http://www.vero.fi/en-US/VKV/Tax_Card_Online__Tax_Administration(29771). Then submit the new tax card to us electronically through the OmaYTK service.

P.S. If you work as a part-time entrepreneur, submit to us your taxation decision for the year 2015.

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