Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta
Työttömyysturvaa ilman muuta

New OmaYTK


We are about to implement a new, easier than before electronic service that has been built based on the feedback from our customers. Thank you to all customers involved in the development, you have given us many good ideas and development suggestions.
Benefits of the new OmaYTK:

  • The service guides you to fill in the application easily and efficiently.
  • You do not need to know which is the right form for applying for daily allowance, OmaYTK will clarify your situation and guides you to do things the right way.
  • When you get your application in order easily in one sitting, in best cases we can pay the daily allowance faster on your bank account.
  • You can send the necessary attachments with your application. OmaYTK guides you to send the correct attachments.
  • The new OmaYTK works on all platforms and browsers, on mobile, tablet and desktop, so in the future you can use OmaYTK diversely wherever, whenever.


The range of services will widen further. When you start using the new service, your search and message history starts to get saved there. Applications and messages sent from the old service can only be seen in the old service. Visit the service here.

All development suggestions and feedback are welcome also in the future and you can send those through the new electronic service as well. Remember to keep your contact information up to date as well, the easiest way is to update them in the OmaYTK service.

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